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Chinese clinical neurologist training press conference

承办公司:上海秋韵 参与人数:数百人 活动时间:2010-07-14

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典公司中国临床1

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典公司中国临床2

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典公司中国临床3

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典公司中国临床4

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典公司中国临床5

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典公司中国临床6

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典公司中国临床7

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典公司中国临床8

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典公司中国临床9

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典公司中国临床11

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典公司中国临床12

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典公司中国临床13

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典公司中国临床14

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典公司中国临床15

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典公司中国临床16

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典公司中国临床17

       On the 14th, Yibiwei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Shanghai successfully held the China-Austrian neurology Forum – Shanghai – Melbourne neurologist training, the project is affiliated by the University of Melbourne Royal Melbourne Hospital, Shanghai Jiaotong University Affiliated First People’s Hospital Branch to participate. The training conference was planed and organized by Autumn Shanghai. Attendance of the conference including Professor Wang Shaodan and the University of Melbourne’s famous senior neurology experts, meanwhile, has also been the news conference at the Shanghai Health Bureau Science and Education, Shanghai First People’s Hospital of leadership attaches great importance and concern.
       After the conference of the Austrian bright Kristallnacht Appreciation Dinner will be brought to a climax the conference site, the cheerful song and dance, melodious music, the dinner and the conference ended successfully. Autumn Shanghai has been highly praised for this success.

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