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Jinhui Harbor Plaza press conference

承办公司:上海秋韵 参与人数:数百人 活动时间:2011-08-27

  • 上海秋韵金辉临港商业广场1

  • 上海秋韵金辉临港商业广场2

  • 上海秋韵金辉临港商业广场3

  • 上海秋韵金辉临港商业广场4

  • 上海秋韵金辉临港商业广场5

  • 上海秋韵金辉临港商业广场6

  • 上海秋韵金辉临港商业广场7

  • 上海秋韵金辉临港商业广场8

  • 上海秋韵金辉临港商业广场9

  • 上海秋韵金辉临港商业广场10

  • 上海秋韵金辉临港商业广场11

  • 上海秋韵金辉临港商业广场12

  • 上海秋韵金辉临港商业广场13

  • 上海秋韵金辉临港商业广场14

  • 上海秋韵金辉临港商业广场15

  • 上海秋韵金辉临港商业广场16

  • 上海秋韵金辉临港商业广场17

  • 上海秋韵金辉临港商业广场18

       Jinhui Group was established in 1996, is a collection of real estate development, construction, property services as one of the three major business segments wholly foreign-owned enterprises. Jinhui Group always flamboyant living the dream mission, is committed to create a better life in human settlements. On the 27th, with the theme of “Lighting • East Sea” , Jinhui Harbor Plaza grand press conference held in Shanghai Lujiazui. The event is organized by Shanghai Autumn.
       The conference that day, guests from all walks of life arrive at the conference site and orderly seated. Conference, the moderator introduced the relevant representatives of Jinhui Holdings office address. Subsequently, in the melodious music, this Jinhui Ice Harbor Plaza toasting ceremony press conference officially began, with the perfect toasting the end of the ceremony, meaning the project is also a beautiful vision of the development of a smooth start. After the ceremony, an exciting stage performance was showed on staged. In a warm atmosphere, the successful conclusion of this press conference.

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