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Zhangjiagang Yangshe Street fifty-one Beer BBQ Festival

承办公司:苏州秋韵 参与人数:上万人 活动时间:2013-04-28

  • 苏州秋韵礼仪庆典公司杨舍老街4

  • 苏州秋韵礼仪庆典公司杨舍老街1

  • 苏州秋韵礼仪庆典公司杨舍老街2

  • 苏州秋韵礼仪庆典公司杨舍老街3

  • 苏州秋韵礼仪庆典公司杨舍老街5

  • 苏州秋韵礼仪庆典公司杨舍老街6

  • 苏州秋韵礼仪庆典公司杨舍老街7

  • 苏州秋韵礼仪庆典公司杨舍老街8

       With the “May Day holiday, passion a summer” launch May Day Special Food Events – 2013 Young Street fifty-one BBQ Oktoberfest homes swept Login Yangshe Street Plaza, with “BBQ + beer,” the perfect combination based play, with exciting dance performances, extensive recreation facilities, so come to participate in this event visitors the perfect gourmet experience to eat, drink, watch and play. Meanwhile, the success of the event to assist in Suzhou Autumn liturgical services companies (Autumn liturgical celebrations Group subsidiary).
       April 28 to May 1 during the event, in addition to homes in Young Street South Square area is south of the barbecue beer, as well as the stage of the east building, the daily musical performances, dance performances and other programs, allowing visitors to enjoy the cuisine, while also watching performances, described as dual. Because the activity on a daily 10:00 am to 21:00 pm, in order to give visitors a different ideas, promote the enthusiasm of the visitors, the organizers specially arranged a large number of recreational activities and interactive games, in addition to drinking scene beer contest, as well as giving the tourists look forward to a variety of interactive games and lucky draw, wine king Competition, drumming mass wine, drink wedlock blindfolded, one minute quick drink, wrist king Tournament, Russian roulette, lottery, etc. … … such a wonderful gastronomic events, rich interactive games, visitors excited to meet the mood successful end. These activities are part of the beer, barbecue photos, please enjoy, thank you!

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