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2011 First Food American Food Festival

承办公司:上海秋韵 参与人数:数千人 活动时间:2011-11-05

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-2011第一食品美国食品节1

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-2011第一食品美国食品节2

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-2011第一食品美国食品节3

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-2011第一食品美国食品节4

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-2011第一食品美国食品节5

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-2011第一食品美国食品节6

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-2011第一食品美国食品节7

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-2011第一食品美国食品节8

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-2011第一食品美国食品节9

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-2011第一食品美国食品节10

       November 5, two-week “2011 first food Food Festival” at First Food Store South East shop, Wujiaochang, Central Branch, jiangqiao stores, Southbridge stores simultaneously, opened by the Shanghai Autumn ceremonial celebration offers venue for “fun experience to enjoy delicious,” as its theme. The Food Festival is both an exhibition on the U.S. food, but also to the United States in the Chinese market, a food image display. During the event, each participating store layout and decoration are passed out of the rich culture of the United States, to shopping customers a different shopping experience.
       Opening day, go to the store’s customers flocked to the scene hot, crowded. In the shop, businesses to provide customers with a variety of products to try to eat, live cooking demonstrations, etc., making customers enjoy the food while to master the correct method of making food, thoughtful, so that they buy the rest assured, comfortable to eat . We can see in the store, such as a variety of cartoon dolls Mickey, Donald Duck, Tom bears, the shuttle in the crowd, they are greeted warmly and customers, with the slapstick kids play together, very cute. The U.S. Food Festival will be held, so that friends of Shanghai citizens will be able to taste the local variety of popular American cuisine, learned American food culture, for them, is also a good experience.

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