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Damen Yichang, Hubei Aviation Ltd. 9444 boat ship naming ceremony

承办公司:上海秋韵 参与人数:数百人 活动时间:2013-07-25

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶1

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶2

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶3

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶4

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶5

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶6

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶7

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶8

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶9

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶10

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶11

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶12

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶13

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶14

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶15

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶16

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶17

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶18

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶19

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶20

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶21

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶22

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶23

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶24

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶25

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶26

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶27

  • 上海秋韵宜昌达门航舶28

       Yichang, Hubei Damen Ship Co., Ltd. is established in 1999 a joint venture. The company undertake foreign shipbuilding orders, import marine equipment and materials, the construction of the finished ship all sold to the international market. Products from 5000 tons to 13,500 tons of several specifications of multi-purpose container ship, has exported to the Netherlands, Britain, Germany and other countries. 25, the event was held by the Shanghai Autumn.
       Ship naming ceremony flags flying, with the logo of the iconic balloons floating in the air, accompanied by gongs and drums, guests were ordered to go to the sign background plate before sign pictures, professional hostesses came as guests to wear seasonal corsage. Ceremony began with a presentation by the moderator Ltd. Yichang Damen leader Deng came to power aircraft ship speech. Then in the assistance of Miss Manners, smashing champagne ceremony and lion eye-dotting ceremony successfully concluded. Dinner also ship naming ceremony was held successfully, let us toast to celebrate this happy occasion. 9444 times more than the part of ship naming ceremony photographs, thanks for your enjoy!

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