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Shanghai Engine Center(SEC) Annual party

承办公司:上海秋韵 参与人数:数百人 活动时间:2013-01-18

  • 秋韵上海礼仪庆典公司-SEC2013年年会1

  • 秋韵上海礼仪庆典公司-SEC2013年年会7

  • 秋韵上海礼仪庆典公司-SEC2013年年会2

  • 秋韵上海礼仪庆典公司-SEC2013年年会4

  • 秋韵上海礼仪庆典公司-SEC2013年年会5

  • 秋韵上海礼仪庆典公司-SEC2013年年会6

  • 秋韵上海礼仪庆典公司-SEC2013年年会8

  • 秋韵上海礼仪庆典公司-SEC2013年年会9

  • 秋韵上海礼仪庆典公司-SEC2013年年会3

       The Annual party is just like the spring festival of a company, it is also a sign of a year’s work ending, and it is so loved by all the employees. On 18th Jan, 2013, here comes the 2013 Annual party of Shanghai Engine Center (SEC). Autumn Shanghai is invited to be the planner and the executer of this great event.
       By the event, all the employees of SEC come together in a happy mood. And of course, it is also a shinning stage for them. On the stage, the employees prepared a lot of wonderful performances, including guitar playing, the traditional dragon dance and some other funny shows. A dance of “Gangnan Style” brings the party into a crazy feeling, all the people screaming and laughing together with the performance. The event got a great success by the end, and we wish SEC a bright future here.

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