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New year party of “Snow Beer” ( for sales )

承办公司:上海秋韵 参与人数:数百人 活动时间:2011-01-22

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会1

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会4

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会5

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会8

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会2

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会9

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会3

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会6

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会10

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会11

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会12

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会14

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会7

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会15

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会16

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会17

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会18

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会13

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会20

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会19

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会21

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会22

  • 上海秋韵礼仪庆典-华润雪花啤酒2011经销商迎新会23

       On 1st Jan, 2011, the New year party of “Snow Beer” was held in Shanghai Baolong Grand Mercure Hotel. As the famous local beer brand, the party was decorated in Chinese traditional style, which is designed and executed by Autumn Shanghai. The design elements are including rabbit, clouds, Chinese knot, Chinese dragon, and combined with Chinese red. The whole hall was filled with Chinese-style lively festive atmosphere.
       The highlight of this party not only the traditional decoration, but also the stage effect. The high-class Audio, Video and lighting equipment, with smoke machine and bubble machine, excellent performance, tasty food….all these make this event to be a top ceremony for guests’ viewing, hearing and testing. The leadership of “Snow beer” was very pleased with this successful event, and showed the strong willing of next cooperation with Autumn Shanghai.

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